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The story of Gideon is one of my favorite bible stories. It’s a great story to show our little ones that what we want isn’t always what God wants. It’s a story that is proof that God is always in control and will always protect us! Use these Gideon’s Army bible activities to bring fun learning to your bible class!

Easy to Follow Lesson Plan

What made me decide to create a bible curriculum was the amount of work that had to put in when teaching bible class. Teaching our little ones about God and His love shouldn’t be a ton of work. We don’t need these elaborate lessons to keep our learners engaged. Just find a way to connect them to the story and you’ll have their full attention!

Opening and Whole Group

If you’ve purchased any of my bible activities, you know the layout is very similar for each lesson. Welcome your students with a fun song called “Power and Love” (written by yours truly) to introduce that week’s memory verse!

Next, read the lesson, Gideon’s Battle, from the Beginner’s Bible. To review the story, use the story cards! The story cards are in a song format with a popular tune to help learners remember it. Along with reading the story, I like to read a picture book to help tie in the story into every day life along with playing a game.

Craft and Activities

I want my learners to take home activities that will help remind them of the story when at home. In Gideon’s Army bible activities, your learners will put together a torch, horn and jar. God provided the torch, horn and jar to give the soldiers power, self discipline and love. Simple things that left the other army scared and frightened!

I also provide a writing practice activity on the week’s memory verse with a fun bracelet to wear! Let your little ones wear it to school to show others what they learned about God and His love for us!

Planning a bible lesson shouldn’t take hours and hours of planning. I took care of that for you! Your volunteers will love how easy each lesson is laid out and the activities will keep the little ones engaged the entire time and ready for the next week!

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