Nature Name Activity

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My kids love being outside…LOVE it.  We could be playing in the backyard, walking to the park, playing baseball, going on hike, or just enjoying nature and my kids are as happy as can be.  One of our favorite outdoor activities to do as a family is going camping.  On our last camping trip we had fun creating our nature name crafts together.

Natural Learning - Nature Name Activity - MJCS

There is always something new to be discovered when you are exploring the outdoors.  The majority of the time we spend outside together is unstructured playtime.  No lesson, no planned activity…just good old fashioned play in the great outdoors.

Natural Learning - Nature Name Activity - MJCS

Since we were spending an extra day camping on our last trip, I decided to bring one activity the kiddos could do that was engaging, involved our surroundings and hit on some skills for the variety of ages we had (2 – 6 years).

Natural Learning - Nature Name Activity - MJCS

We gave each child a sandwich bag to fill with various objects they found around our campsite.  They grabbed twigs, leaves, stems, flowers and more.  So much learning happened during this portion of the activity.  We saw bugs, compared the different parts of different plants and more!

Natural Learning - Nature Name Activity - MJCS

After we filled our bags, each child got a poster board with their name on it that I made prior to our trip.  Then, it was time to get crafty.

Natural Learning - Nature Name Activity - MJCS

They used the objects they collected to create their “nature names”.  They were able to plan, by seeing what fit best on each letter and then glued the materials down.

Natural Learning - Nature Name Activity - MJCS

Natural Learning - Nature Name Activity - MJCS

This activity was a perfect break for the active kiddos and they had so much fun creating their name with all the beautiful pieces nature they found.  So if your kiddos love being outside and you want to find a fun activity for them…this is a great activity to remember.

Natural Learning - Nature Name Activity - MJCS

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