Potty Training Celebration

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Oh those two words: potty training. You either love it or hate it. There’s nothing in-between. But it’s something that has to be done. I think many of us just wish they were born already knowing how to use the potty! Am I right?

Let’s Chart It!

There’s no better way to potty train a child but to have a great visual. Little ones love stickers! They love feeling of a little independency when choosing their sticker and placing it on the chart themselves. And it’s a reward, so it brings double excitment!

We are in the thick of potty training as we speak. Parker is doing such a great job because of this potty chart. He loves choosing his sticker and putting it on the chart all by himself. Most days are great, but we do have the days where it’s more work for him than he wants.


So, what happens when the potty training chart is filled up? It’s reward time! All kids want different things. You know your kid the best. With Parker, we went to the store and bought his reward before we even started. I placed that reward where he could see it, and reminded him often of what happens when the chart gets filled. The excitement was so fun to watch. Once that chart is filled up, get that toy and present your little one with this fun Potty Training Certificate!

My house is full of charts and checklists! Parker watches big brother and big sister with their own charts, so he feels like a really big kid right now. And now, he has his filled up potty chart and a pretty certificate to show everyone he knows!

To grab this Potty Training Chart and Certificate, click on the download box below!

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