Pumpkin Bible Craft

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I’m so excited to be back in the classroom at church! It’s been far too long with the crazy life we’ve had these last few years. So when I was asked if I could teach our Kindergarten class, there was no hesitation! There is a special place in my heart for bible curriculum, which makes me even more excited about creating some new resources for these upcoming months. This pumpkin bible craft is perfect for this time of year as we are nearing Thanksgiving. But really, it can be used anytime, especially along with my Fruits of the Spirit bible unit!

Perfect for Any Age

November is a month for thankfulness, and I enjoy spending this month focusing on that in bible class. There are many verses on thankfulness, but my favorite is this:

“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good!” 1 Chronicles 16:34. Such a simple, yet powerful verse. It makes for a great memory verse as well!

Simple Steps!

Depending on the age of your kids, this pumpkin bible craft can be as much teacher hands on as you want! For little ones, have everything cut out and prepped before bible class. For older kids, let them have some independence!

Fill out each strip with what each child is thankful for! Let those kindergartners write themselves! It will mean so much to Mom and Dad!

Staple all six strips together in a circle formation. Make sure to keep them all spaced the same!

Turn upside down and bring all six strips back up to form the pumpkin. Staple into place.

Next, staple the two leaves in place on top!

And last, curl the strips of green paper with a pencil to create the vine of the pumpkin, or you can use pipe cleaners! Staple into place as well!

Your little ones will be so excited to show off their hard work to Mom and Dad!

To grab this pumpkin bible craft, just click the download button below!

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