Reindeer Bag for Christmas Crafts

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Oh, those Christmas crafts!  Between trees, snowmen, Santa, gingerbread men and all the other holiday crafts your little ones are bound to bring a lot home or create a ton in the classroom.  Why not store all of those crafts and activities in a cute reindeer bag?!?!

Reindeer Bag for Holiday Crafts- Mrs. Jones Creation Station

My kindergartners crafted this bag at the beginning of the season and we kept them in their cubbies or in the back of the room to collect all of their Christmas activities.

We start with a large (yes, large) brown sack that you can get from Sam’s Club or here.

Reindeer Bag for Holiday Crafts

Next, we fold the bag in half veritcally…

Reindeer Bag for Holiday Crafts

and cut an outline of antlers.  I just free handing this one and traced an outline on my kindergartners’ bags, so each one was different.

Reindeer Bag for Holiday Crafts

Open the bag up and you are ready to create a cute reindeer face!

Reindeer Bag for Holiday Crafts

There are so many ways to craft the face…wiggly eyes, pom-poms, sequins and more.  However, you can do something as simple as making the eyes and nose with construction paper. It’s easy and inexpensive!

Reindeer Bag for Holiday Crafts

All that is left to do is open up the bag and filling it with writing, craftivities, lapbooks, goodies, and more!

Reindeer Bag for Holiday Crafts

I hope that your kiddos enjoy creating this take-away bag as much as you will enjoy having a place to keep your classroom or home clean and tidy during the holiday season!

Find some resources to fill your learners’ Reindeer bag with here!

Reindeer Bag for Holiday Crafts

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