Sequence of Events with Snowmen at Night

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I love pairing authentic read alouds with classroom lessons and activities. Using a read aloud where your learners can relate to the topic or excites them makes the introduction to the activity more engaging for everyone. One of my favorite winter books is Snowmen at Night. Of course, creating a sequence of events activity is perfect! There are so many fun steps to making a snowman. And a snowman had to be created for this story to even exist!

Start with the Perfect Book

When using read alouds to introduce a skill or lesson, it obviously has to fit your lesson. But it must be engaging enough to grab your learners attention. Snowmen at Night is such a fun and engaging story, even if you don’t see snow during the winter months.

The story starts when a boy builds a snowman. He works so hard to make it perfect. He leaves it for the night, however, he’s surprised when he wakes up the next morning. His snowman is slumped over and is a total mess. He then imagines what his snowman could have done during the night while he was fast asleep.

The rest of the book is so fun! It’s a modern day version of Frosty the Snowman!

Think Outside the Box

Sure…a great sequence of events activity is to put the entire story in order. But then again, building a snowman takes a lot of steps! And whether you live in a snow filled town during the winter or you’re near the beach, kids love the idea of building a snowman.

With this free sequence of events resource, your learners will start off by coloring the pictures on the page.

Next, they will cut out each picture, examine it and glue them in order of the steps of building a snowman.

A simple activity, but fun during the winter months! To grab this free resource, just click on the link below!

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