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Do your students struggle with keeping a desk clean and organized? During my first year of teaching, I had way too many students lose papers and assignments. I knew I had to come up with a better plan. This DOT binder system turned out to be a great way to introduce student organization to my kids that next year!

What You Need for Student Organization

There are some simple supplies that you need to make this binder work! Making one for each of your students can take some time, ,but if you start during the summer or a long break, it will make it easier. I personally turn on Netflix® and bing watch my favorite shows while assembling each binder.

How to Edit

The great part about this student organization resource is that it’s editable using Adobe Reader©. You can customize each page to what fits your class the best. This resource has the most editing option than any of my other resources because I know all teachers have different needs.

In order to edit this resource, you will need to download the free version of Janda Manatee Solid and HelloAli. After those fonts are download, open the resource in Adobe Reader and begin editing!

Putting It Together

Once everything is printed, it’s time to start putting the binder together.

First, place the cover sheet with each child’s name in the front cover slip of the binder.

Next, place the money pouch label on the pencil bag. I use packing tape over the label to keep it from peeling off later!

After that, all the information sheets, behavior calendar and message form can be placed in the page protectors.

The folder is used for notes home and graded papers. I don’t like using the inside pockets of the binder. They tend to tear and papers fall out of them. I ended up turning the folder inside out and hole punched on the opposite side. Add the Student Work and Notes Home label on each pocket.

And that’s it! It’s complete and you’re set for a well organized system for parent communication.

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