Micah Shares the Good News

The Bible contains so many great stories!  I enjoy creating fun activities and teaching my little learners of the good news God wants us to know about!  Have you ever pulled up a bible lesson and realized that the assigned activity just wasn’t relevant enough for your preschoolers?  A friend of mine has the exciting […]

A Lesson on Love

February is a great time to teach Bible lessons on love.  Well, anytime of year is a perfect time to teach your little ones about love and the importance of showing love towards others. But we tend to focus most of our bible lessons on love during the month of February to keep our thematic […]

The Story of Zacchaeus

The story of Zacchaeus is a great way to teach your little ones how they should treat their friends.  A man that no one was too fond of and Jesus went to HIS house…what a great story of kindness! Here’s how I taught this story to my little learners… ARRIVAL We started class just like every […]

FREE Printable Book for Teaching Colors

When I think of the world that we live in and how many colors are all around, I am truly amazed.  Rainbows, fish, butterflies, flowers…there are  many colorful things in our world.  So, when it comes to teaching colors to my little learners, what better way than to let them know that these colorful things come from God. […]