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Teaching the five senses in kindergarten and first grade is a crucial aspect of early childhood education. Not only does it help children develop their cognitive abilities, but it also helps them make sense of the world around them. You need this five senses interactive activity that comes with my Five Senses Science Unit!

Five Senses Interactive Activity

I love using lapbooks in my classroom, and my learners love them even more. It gives my students a sense of accomplishment while learning and exploring a standard or skill.

Lets dive into how we assemble this lapbook!

I like to use manilla folders, but you can use construction paper for this lapbook. Fold the manilla folder in half, creating tri-fold style.

five senses interactive activity

Glue the cover sheet on the front, and cut along the two sides of the folder. This might be difficult for little hands. You can prep this part of the activity or trim the sides of each flap to make it a straight cut.

Have your students color the lapbook boy or girl title. Cut it out and place it at the inside top of the lapbook.

When you open the lapbook, start on the inside left flap. This is where the five senses pockets will be. Have your students color, fill out and sort the cards for the correct pocket. Cards include vocabulary words, senses words that can used in writing and journaling along with sentences that your students can complete.

Let’s move to the inside of the lapbook. This is where vocabulary practice happens! Cut each strip out to create a flipbook. Have your learners glue the definition under each of the five senses.

You can use this lapbook is so many different ways! Use it as a vocabulary lesson and review. You can also have your learners use the senses cards to describe different objects in future science lessons!

Grab this lapbook in my Five Senses Unit!

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