Gingerbread Men Interactive Poem for your Math Unit

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Oh, my favorite time of the year!  The Christmas music fills our house along with our beautiful holiday decorations around the house.  It’s just overall a fun time of year.  When I was in the classroom, it was always a more relaxing time of year.  Maybe because we all knew a big break was coming up.

Gingerbread men are everywhere during the holiday season and the classroom is no different.  We love creating crafts, cookies and even interactive poems with our gingerbread friends.

Interactive poems are always a hit and even better when they incorporate both literacy and math skills.  We have been enjoying our 5 Little Gingerbread Men poem and it is absolutely adorable to hear your little ones reading it!

Gingerbread Men Interactive Pocket Chart - MJCS

Setting it up

We place the sentence strips of our poem on a pocket chart in our homeschool room and Grayson is able to easily use the poem.  The poem begins with 5 gingerbread men and slowly counts down to 1.  We placed the 5 gingerbread men on the pocket chart and started reading together.

Gingerbread Men Interactive Pocket Chart - MJCS

Gingerbread Men Interactive Pocket Chart - MJCS

What it teaches

This interactive poem teaches a variety of literacy and math skills.  By reading the poem together you are able to model print conventions including, how print moves from left to right, top to bottom and one-to-one correspondence for each written and spoken word.  Math is included as you count the gingerbread men down together and identify the numbers while you add them to the poem.

Gingerbread Men Interactive Pocket Chart - MJCSGingerbread Men Interactive Pocket Chart - MJCS

How to use it

We enjoy using our pocket chart throughout the year to hold our interactive poems.  This makes it easy to use for whole group learning as a shared reading activity, during small group instruction to focus on sight words and word patterns, as well as, independent practice when the poem has been mastered by most learners!

Gingerbread Men Interactive Pocket Chart - MJCS

You can get this poem and many more resources for the holiday season in my Gingerbread Pack from my Store…check it out here!


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