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Do you love the word ‘free’ like I do? When I first started in the classroom, I didn’t find many resources that were free, and Pinterest wasn’t like it is today. These days, resource creators offer many free printable activities that sure help on the pocket book. Whether you’re teaching your kids at home, learning virtually or have a classroom full of kids, there are likely some free activities you can find that are perfect for your age group.

Literacy Activities

I love creating literacy resources! If you’ve followed me even for a short time, you know that I center most of my resources around literacy. It’s definitely where my heart lies!

Below are some of our popular free printable activities that focus on literacy! 

Math Resources

Math resources are also easy to find on Pinterest. I’ve delved more into creating math resources recently. To be honest, it’s been a blast creating fun math printables for my followers.

Check out the popular MJCS math freebies below!

Science Resources

If you’re like me, you kind of groan a little when planning science activities. The work it takes to gather supplies and hope that the experiment works. Because let’s be honest, we all have those moments where you don’t get to conduct an experiment ahead of time to make sure it works. It’s happened to me way too many times.

That’s why I created fun, hands on science activities that work and are easy to set up. Each activity comes with a free printable to extend learning!

Classroom Resources

Creating an inviting, organized classroom is the first step to a successful year. And it can cost a pretty penny getting your room to what you want it to be. My classrooms ran like a well oiled machine every year and it was because of the time I took to create an environment that taught discipline and independence.

Here are some of our favorite free resources to help manage your classroom!

Christian Resources

MJCS is based around christian values and I couldn’t run my business without creating christian resources. Here are some favorite free bible resources!

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